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Known to many as the pioneer of the artisanal doughnut, Doughnut Plant is an independent New York City-based bakery created by Mark Isreal in 1994.  From our humble beginnings in Mark’s Lower East Side apartment to our more recent locations, Doughnut Plant handcrafts original and innovative doughnuts built upon Mark’s grandfather’s recipe. We pride ourselves on originality, using the highest quality all natural ingredients and making everything in-house from scratch — glazes, fillings, jams and toppings — even our sourdough starter. We are proud to say:

We invented the world’s first Crème Brûlée doughnut

We were the first to use seasonal fresh fruit and nuts in doughnut glazes

We created a square-shaped filled doughnut so you get jam (or cream) with every bite

We spent five years developing an eggless cake doughnut recipe

We created the rose-shaped Doughflower 

We make gluten free cake doughnuts with no eggs and no gums

Vegan SOURDOUGHNUTS™ made with 100% natural wild yeast starter and no commercial yeast

We are the home of the WONDER WHEEL, our delicious cake doughnut ice cream sandwich