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Got questions? We've got answers!

What’s the difference between a cake doughnut and a yeast doughnut?
We handcraft three types of doughnuts daily: yeast, cake and filled. Yeast doughnuts are light, airy, fluffy yeast-raised doughnuts, with a slight chew. Cake doughnuts are leavened with baking powder, and have a texture somewhere near the intersection of a classic birthday cake and a buttery pound cake. Our filled doughnuts are loaded with our house made jams, creams and custards.

Do you ship your doughnuts?
Yes, but only our cake doughnuts and Doughflowers! Our doughnuts are handmade daily with only the finest ingredients and no preservatives or anything artificial. We believe Goldbelly has figured out how to ship the best food nationwide and after significant trials and tests, we started shipping our cake doughnuts and Doughflowers with them. We’re obsessed with quality and making the best doughnuts possible, and shipping our original round and square filled yeast doughnuts just won’t do them justice. No preservatives, no shelf life.

What flavors are available today?
We offer a selection of daily flavors that are available year round, as well as Cake Doughnuts of the Day and monthly seasonal flavors. Check the OUR DOUGHNUTS section and follow our Instagram @doughnutplant for the latest! We are a bakery, making handcrafted fresh doughnuts daily. Flavors are subject to availability.

Do you have vegan doughnuts?
Yes! We spent years experimenting to make vegan doughnuts as delicious as our non-vegan (but always vegetarian!) doughnuts. Our Chocolate Chocolate and Banana doughnuts don’t compromise on taste or texture or quality. They are made in the same bakery, but fried in separate oil from our other non-vegan doughnuts.

Do your doughnuts contain nuts?
Yes, some of our doughnuts do contain nuts and when they do, we let you know. Please know that our doughnuts are made in our bakery where nuts are present and stored.

Do you have a gluten-free doughnut?
Yes! After six years in development, we have gluten-free cake doughnuts.  (See our menu for current flavors!) A few notes about our gluten-free doughnuts:
• A separate room in our bakery is designated for making our gluten-free doughnuts, with gluten-free ingredients. While they are fried in separate fryers, there is still potential cross contamination.
• Our gluten-free doughnuts are not for celiac diets.
• Our facility is NOT dairy-free, NOT gluten-free, NOT nut-free. Those with severe allergies should be aware of potential cross contamination. (Please note, we never use eggs in anything we make).

Do you have more allergen information?
• Our doughnuts (except gluten free) contain: gluten, milk and may contain traces of nuts.
• Our Peanut Butter & Jam and Peanut Butter & Banana Cream doughnuts contain peanuts. Carrot Cake contains walnuts, Chocolate Chip Cookie has pecans and Oatmeal has cashews. Other seasonal flavors may also contain nuts or peanuts; please be sure to ask your doughnut server which flavors you should avoid!
• Please know that our doughnuts are made in our bakery where nuts are present and stored. There is potential for cross contamination.
• All of our doughnuts are suitable for vegetarians. We never use eggs.

Is Doughnut Plant kosher?
Yes, Doughnut Plant is certified kosher-dairy by United Kosher Supervision.