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At Doughnut Plant, our mission and passion is providing our customers with the best doughnuts in the world, made with the highest quality all natural ingredients. With DOUGHNUT PLANT COFFEE, our goal is to bring that mission and passion to quality coffee with handcrafted, small batch roasting. We source, roast and deliver the most delicious coffee in the world.  


DOUGHNUT PLANT HOUSE BLEND is our current go-to coffee of the day. Our seasonal filtered blend from Mexico and Tanzania starts off with hints of nougat, continues with red wine qualities and finishes with a lingering flavor of caramel. A sweet and balanced blend of beans from Mexico and Tanzania, one part offers the creamy body and soft fruit notes while the other adds a touch of extra-smooth liveliness. It's good however you brew it and tasty with or without milk.

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The location of the farm in Colombia that grows this coffee makes it one of a kind. Timana is one of Colombia’s oldest original settlements. Surrounded by the Andes mountains, the Magdalena and Golden Rivers, the unique geographical features come together to create a microclimate that produces a coffee that is both complex and balanced. It’s an array of flavors — caramel, hibiscus and jasmine — with a rounded body.