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JULY 22 --We are making a difficult but necessary decision today: Our shops will be closed starting today, Wednesday 7/22, through at least August, to allow us to better understand what is needed to operate in the midst of this pandemic.

Please understand this a business decision. We’ve been working around the clock to keep serving our offerings to our loyal Doughnut Plant customers. We figured out how to keep our employees and customers safe in the “new normal” with online ordering only and extra precautionary health & safety practices. We cannot begin to express how grateful we are for all of your support during this time. But with the current circumstances, it’s time for us to take another pause.  

Small businesses need help and more support. Restaurants have lost more revenue and jobs than any other industry. Fixed expenses have remained the same but as we all know, business is down. NYC in particular has been hit hard: people have left and people are staying home (including tourists). 

Doughnut Plant doesn't want to be part of the problem — landlords and property management companies are also bearing the brunt of the pandemic. By temporarily suspending operations our goal is to have a long-term solution with our property managers, not be another "number" shuttering its doors.

Later this month Congress will consider their final coronavirus response bill for 2020. We know that the federal government is in the position to provide bakeries, cafes and restaurants the support necessary to help countless businesses survive. Time is running out.

Your support these past months has helped, but there is more that needs to be done. Tell Congress to support your local coffee shops, cafes, bakeries, restaurants and employees. Tell Congress to pass the Blueprint for Restaurant Revival.

We appreciate your understanding. This is not goodbye! We plan to come back stronger and continue delivering deliciousness. Please follow our Instagram @doughnutplant for updates.