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Cake Doughnuts

Near the intersection of a classic birthday cake and a buttery pound cake. No eggs!

Filled Cake Doughnuts

Filled with housemade creams.

close up of a white cake doughnut

Tres Leches

The sweet taste of the authentic Mexican "Three Milks" cake.

Doughnut Plant's chocolate doughnut with chocolate pudding and chocolate glaze and chocolate cake crumbs on top!

Brooklyn Blackout

Rich chocolate cake doughnut dipped in Valrhona chocolate, with a chocolate pudding filling and then sprinkled with chocolate cake crumbs. Doughnut Plant's tribute to Brooklyn's Ebinger's bakery.

wild blueberry cake doughnut

Wild Blueberry

Full of Maine wild blueberries, in the dough and the glaze.

a close up of a black and white cake doughnut


Half dark chocolate. Half white chocolate. The glaze & the dough! Inspired by the classic NY cookie.

a cake doughnut with oraganic oranges in the glaze and dough


Made with organic oranges in the dough and the glaze.

a close up of Doughnut Plant's OATMEAL cake doughnut, covered in rolled oats


More than half the dough is rolled oats, mixed with apricots, cranberries and cashews, then dipped in a sweet milk glaze and topped with more oats!