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Limited edition seasonal and other specials.

a close up of food


VEGAN | Sweet and tart, exotic PASSION FRUIT is a classic Doughnut Plant glaze. Now, we've folded passion fruit into the dough and glaze for our latest vegan sourdoughnut. | 100% sourdough

a chocolate covered donut

Fresh Blueberry (CAKE)

Fresh blueberries in the dough and glaze.

a large pink doughnut

Fresh Blueberry (YEAST)

Doughnut Plant classic. With fresh Blueberry in the glaze.

a chocolate covered donut


Fresh coconut and lime zest in the dough and glaze

a plate with a fork

Star Spangled Doughnut

Our star-shaped yeast doughnut with a cream cheese glaze and naturally colored red and blue stripes´╗┐

a doughnut sitting next to a donut

Coconut Lime (Yeast)

Fresh coconut and fresh lime zest in the glaze.